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country has grown into Starbucks' second-largest and fastest-growing market, Starbucks CEO▓ Kevin Johnson said Sunday.In the first-quarter (Q1▓) 2018 Earnings Conference Call of the▓ American coffee house chain, Johnson said that China ▓has become his company's fastest gr▓owing market in Q1, with 6

percent growth driven e▓ntirely by increased transactions and 30 p▓ercent revenue growth."Our business in C▓hina has emerged as a growth driver that is rapidly moving us beyond our long-standing dependence on our U.S. business for needle-moving growth," he said.

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"Rapid GDP growth is fueling a massive increase ▓in China's middle class, expected to reach 600 milli▓on consumers by 2021, up 100 percent from three years ago an▓d almost twice the size of the total U.S. populat▓ion," Johnson noted.Starbucks has an ambitious strat▓egy in the promising Chinese market

as it works h▓ard to penetrate the world's second largest econo▓my by adding more locations, with its premium ▓Roastery and Reserve brands.In December, Starbucks opened a Roastery location in Shanghai, an economic and financial hub in ▓east China, its second afte

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r the one in Seattl▓e in Washington state on the U.S. west Pacific.On its very first day of operation, the Shanghai Roastery became the highest grossin

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g Starbucks store in ▓the world, averaging more than double the number of transactions of its highly successful Seattle Roastery.The Starbucks CEO expects to serve more than 1 mi▓llion customers every year at the Shanghai Roastery."Starbucks has cracked the code on China and no Western consumer brand is be▓tter positioned than Starbucks

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in China," Johnson said.Starbucks has become a major player in Chi▓na by opening roughly one store each day, and the coffee chain will pr

obably h▓ave more locations across China than it does back i▓n the United States.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan ▓the QR Code to follow us on WechatIntellectual property rights fortify entertainment ▓market in ChinaIntellectual prope

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